The Diamond Lodge
"Bed And Breakfast"
Zen Music
Relaxation Break
A Time For Self !

For 11 years, I've been practicing the well-being
massage with essential oils professionnaly.
I invite you to an inside journey,
a relaxing and calming break,
through introspection.
Let's explore the Awakening together!

"Learn to know yourself and you will know the whole Universe!"

Massage With Oils
" Massage with oils is a very smooth
very relaxing and enveloping massage,
 even "mothering", which leads the massaged person
to a state of serenity and comfort that is very
enjoyable, pleasant.
Using essential oils provides an harmony of the senses,
 and extra cosiness."

"Massage with oils can also be more bracing,
energizing, it helps stimulate organs and body muscles and will improve the detox process."

My Rates
Head to toes massages using organic essential oils.
Arnica massage oil
Sesame massage oil
Lavender massage oil.

Massage is an hour long
and is by appointment only.

Also selfhelp is available and requires regular appointements.

Rate for Diamond Lodge Guests: 40€
Non-Guest Rate: 50€

Well-Being Massage
" Foot massage enhances body balance by pressuring of
specific points on the plantar side of both feet.
Each spot is linked to a specific organ.
Compression helps stimulate or relax the nerve
connexions between these spots
and the related organ of the body thus ensuring
the best performance of the body parts"

Zen Pictures
© German Sébastien Briot 2011
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